Science Team

Millie Hughes-Fulford
Marian Lewis


NASA Photo ID: STS066-56-015 File Name: 10121882.jpg
Film Type: 35mm Date Taken: 11/14/94
Title: STS-66 inflight crew portrait

On the Space Shuttle Atlantis' flight deck, the six crew members pose for the traditional inflight crew portrait. They include, left to right in lower frame, astronauts:
Joseph R. Tanner, mission specialist;
Donald R. McMonagle, mission commander;
Scott E. Parazynski, mission specialist; and
Curtis L. Brown, pilot.

Floating at top frame are
Ellen Ochoa, payload commander; and
Jean-Francois Clervoy, mission specialist, representing the European Space Agency (ESA).



a. Bone cell morphology changes during flight when compared to ground
b. Glucose utilization is lower due to reduced cell number
c. Bone cell growth is reduced in-flight

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